Stephen Solarz Death?

Stephen J. Solarz's death took place today. He was 70 and lived in McLean, Va.
His death, at a Washington hospital, was caused by esophageal cancer, his wife, Nina, said.

Stephen Solarz was a globe-trotting Democratic congressman from New York who helped lead Democratic support of the Gulf War in 1991.

His wife, Nina Solarz, was fined $5,300 and sentenced to a year's probation for her role in a scandal, for which she apologized.
Where can I read Stephen Solarz's complete biography?

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Stephen Solarz was elected in 1974 from a heavily Jewish district in Brooklyn and quickly turned his attention to foreign affairs, saying that winning aid for Israel was the equivalent for him of public works projects for other lawmakers.

Stephen Solarz is perhaps best known as the foreign affairs expert who in 1986 was responsible for revealing the opulence of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos, the leaders of the Philippines who had pillaged their countryís treasury.

Until his election defeat in 1992 - a combination of redistricting and implication in the House bank overdraft scandal - Mr. Solarz amassed a formidable policy record through his membership on the Foreign Affairs Committee.

A quick search of the Foreign Agents Registration Act database of the Department of Justice indicates that Solarz was for years a registered, paid foreign agent of Turkey and Taiwan, and a search of the Senate lobbying database indicates he also registered as a paid lobbyist to advocate with his former House colleagues on a variety of issues.

To read Stephen Solarz's bio, I recommend his wikipedia page.

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