Best Black Friday Laptop Deals & Sales 2010?

What store has the best Black Friday laptop deals and sales for 2010?
I am looking for a good laptop that has at least an i3 processor or higher, longer then 6 hour battery life and a built in webcam.
This laptop will be used mainly in college, I'll use Word, Excel and a bunch of other applications. I want a good Black Friday deal, a powerful laptop with a low price.
I know that walmart has a $200 laptop but it's eMachines witch is not a very good brand.

What are the best deals in laptops?

asked by Bailey in Personal Finance | 4367 views | 11-26-2010 at 06:28 AM

Buying a good laptop on black friday can be really hard. Getting good deals, all the good ones are already sold out and by the time you find another one you have to debate if the laptop has good specs.

I suggest you buy online. You'll get your best deal that way.
These are some of the laptop deal being offered on Black Friday.

The $550 HP pavilion DM4-1160US at office depot. It has an Intel i5-450m processor, 320GB hard drive space and 4GB RAM.

The HP Dual Core laptop from Wal-Mart. In their black friday page, they are showing an HP 17.3" Dual Core Laptop. It says it has an Intel Pentium Dual Core processor, 2.3 Ghz. Wireless enabled; HDMI out. Reads and writes CDs and DVDs. It has 3GB of memory. 320GB hard drive. 17.3" diagonal HD Display. It is selling for 398 dollars.

answered by Steven | 11-26-2010 at 06:29 AM

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