UFO: New York City Sightings 2010?

There was a UFO sighting over New York City yesterday October 13, 2010. Or it was just a balloon. Either way, bystanders were going berserk, looking up into the sky and presumably clenching their butt cheeks.

The NYPD and Federal Aviation Administration say around 1:30 p.m., they received calls from many people who saw the objects hovering over Chelsea.

Described as bright white lights or glittery silver balloon-like objects, the floating balls seemed to separate and converge on Manhattan's West Side high above the trendy Chelsea neighborhood.

The police and the Federal Aviation Authority probed dozens of reports, but could not find the cause of the strange display.
Did you see the video of the UFO over New York City? Was it really a UFO or was it something else?

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A cluster of silvery, shiny lights floated above New York City. Initial descriptions of the supposed UFO varied wildly. One person said that it was "an oddly shaped object full of lights, flying slowly" while others saw (and recorded) three distinct objects; still others saw nearly a half-dozen entities.

The National Weather Service insists it is not missing any weather balloons.

The Federal Aviation Administration said it received several calls to its operations center but after reviewing radar data, the agency could not find anything out of the ordinary.. "Nothing that we can account for would prompt this kind of response," he said.

Here's a video of the UFO sightings in NYC.

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