Portage Wisconsin Levee & Flooding Pics?

A string of recent thunder storms caused some flooding from the river in Portage Wisconsin late last week. The floods remained minor thanks to the 14-mile levee system holding it back.
But now the levee is about to fail and that will cause some serious flooding in Portage Wisconsin.
As many as 100 homes could be affected by flood waters.
What does this mean for home-owners and businesses of Portage? Where can I see pictures of the current flooding in Portage Wisconsin?

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The levee on the Wisconsin River had deteriorated in the Town of Caledonia, just west of Portage, after recent thunderstorms bloated the waterway.
Water is beginning to leak through at certain points of the levee. Greg Matthews, a spokesman for the Wisconsin DNR, said that some of the levee could begin to collapse.

The levee is part of the Caledonia-Lewiston Levee System. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources says the system is made up of several dikes built mainly out of sand during the 1890s by homeowners living near the river.

If the levee breaks it could destroy an already flooded access road to the town's Blackhawk Park neighborhood. Some 75 of 300 area residents have decided to stay in their homes.

Some pictures of the flooding in Portage Wisconsin.

Portage Wisconsin flooding

Portage Wisconsin flooding-2

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