Blackpad vs iPad Review?

Research has built a new tablet, the BlackPad, that is expected to be released in the market soon and will compete with the iPad. According to a report from the WSJ, Research in Motion will show off the BlackPad at next week’s BlackBerry Developer Conference.
Some of the specs and photos of the Blackpad have already been leaked. Has anyone made a review of the Blackpad yet? How does it compares to the iPad?
Is the Blackpad better than the iPad?

asked by Genesis in Other - Electronics | 4629 views | 09-25-2010 at 05:31 PM

These are the Blackpad's specs:

* 9.7″ Display
* Bluetooth
* WiFi
* Front and Rear Facing Cameras
* 2 Million units in production starting September 2010
* Expected to launch in November of 2010
* 8 Million units in production throughout 2011

The Blackpad will be priced "in line" with the iPad, which sells for $499 and up, according to the sources familiar with the matter.
Blackberry does not have a very good history of delivering even basic audio or video. So I'm not sure if the Blackpad will actually be better than the iPad.
RIM has officially declined to comment on the Blackpad. The news of the launch was revealed by a Bloomberg report which cited "two people familiar with the company's plans."
The RIM tablet is being manufactured by Quanta Computer of Taiwan, and will run on chips from Marvell Technology Group.

There are no reviews of the Blackpad yet, we'll have to wait and see which device is better. I think that although the Blackpad will be a very good device, it won't be as good as the iPad.

answered by Change | 09-25-2010 at 05:32 PM

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