Are Circle Lenses Bad For You & Your Eyes?

I recently discovered circle lenses, which enlarge the iris, and am very interested.
Circle lenses are very widespread throughout most of Asia and Lady Gaga is making them popular in America.

I was quite surprised to find out a few days ago that there are no circle lenses in the U.S.
Is it because circle lenses are bad for you and your eyes? Or are they safe?

I even heard that in some places circle lenses are even illegal because they're considered dangerous and bad for your eyesight.
Or is it just certain brands? Are there some that are safe?

asked by Wanda in Eye Care | 4798 views | 07-07-2010 at 05:13 AM

Circle lenses are bad for your eyes.
Lady Gaga's used them for the "Bad Romance" video and they look great bad they are dangerous.

The reason? Circle lenses are rarely custom made, and may not fit snugly against the eye. It may not seem like a big deal, but according to eMedicine Health, poor-fitting contacts can lead to discomfort, eye redness, blurred vision and significant eye irritation.

Like any contact lens, prolonged wear can lead to infections that, although rare, can be serious, experts said. If the contacts don't fit properly -- too tight or too loose -- they can scratch the cornea, which can cause vision problems.

Circle lenses, along with eyelid surgery, are becoming the next "it" thing among Asian celebrities, especially in Korea and Japan. Famous Asian celebrities, including Lee Hyori, Sandara Park, and Gackt all depend on the power of circle lenses to enhance their image.

It's illegal to sell the non-FDA-approved lenses in the United States, but they're readily available for less than $20 on the Internet.

answered by Nick | 07-07-2010 at 05:14 AM

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