Arizona Lottery Million Dollar Raffle?

How do you play the Arizona Lottery Million Dollar Raffle? Can you explain?

asked by Isabella in Luck & Risk Games | 5714 views | 08-13-2009 at 08:32 PM

Only 350,000 tickets at $20 each are sold in each raffle. Two top prizes of $1,000,000 each are awarded, 5 prizes of $100,000, 30 prizes of $10,000, 700 prizes of $1,000, and 350 prizes of $500.

The Arizona Lottery Commission answers frequently asked questions about the State's $1,000,000 Raffle, explains the rules and lets you know how to play.

Follow the link provided below to the official website of the Arizona Lottery for the complete rules and details concerning Arizona's $1,000,000 Raffle.

answered by Tim | 08-13-2009 at 08:33 PM

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