Losing Your Virginity?

Me and my boyfriend want to have sex but I am a little nervous and I want to know what happens.

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Losing your virginity is a big thing.
First of all, you must feel it is the correct thing to do. You must NOT be pressured into it, or the experience will fail to bring you the pleasure and good memories you expect and deserve. You are in charge of your life and body. You must really feel ready for it.

One of the most important things to consider before losing your virginity is to think about what your primary motivations are for doing so. If it is just because you want others to know you had sex or to gain some sort of respect for yourself from others, please put the idea completely out of your mind. This is a very sad and empty reason for you to lose your virginity.

However, if you want to lose your virginity to bond towards the partner you love and want it for that reason alone, then this is a good reason to shoot for as a rule.

For some people sexual feelings are bound up with love and close relationships. Some people think sexual intercourse should only happen within marriage. For other people sex and love are two different things.

What is important is that you feel good about yourself and what you are doing, and that you keep yourself safe. Being safe means not only thinking about physical risks such as pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). But also emotional risks such as the regret you may feel afterwards.

Things to know before losing your virginity

1. If you don't trust your partner to respect your wishes if you change your mind about anything, you should not be having sex.

2. You can't get your virginity back once it's gone, so make sure that you are having sex for the right reasons. Emotional blackmail, such as “you would if you loved me”, or peer pressure, such as “everyone else is doing it”, are not appropriate motivations for becoming sexually active.

3. If you don't feel comfortable discussing protection and contraception with your partner, you should not be having sex.

Losing your virginity is often a topic that concerns and scares young ladies, causing anxiety and even an overwhelming fear of any attempt at sexual penetration. A whole range of myths and inaccuracies about your first night with your partner are likely to be the cause of this. A good knowledge and understanding of your anatomy and bodily functions, as well as some self-practice before the "big day" are essential in order for you to lose your virginity painlessly and pleasurably.

Losing your virginity can be painful. Mine was. Just because it was painful the first time does not mean that it is going to be that way forever. As soon as you get more comfortable, you body will be able to relax and certain areas to stretch. It will become more pleasurable guaranteed.

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