Amanda Peterson: Where Is She Now?

What ever happened to Amanda Peterson?
She stared on movies like "Annie", "Can't Buy Me Love" and a few others. Does anyone know where is Amanda Peterson now and what she is doing?

Did Amanda ever get married? Is she dating someone?
I always remember the iconic photo of Amanda Peterson and Patrick Dempsey on the cover of the movie. Good times.

asked by Bones in Celebrity | 142848 views | 04-18-2010 at 09:53 PM

After 15 years in the industry, Amanda Peterson walked away from the movie industry. Whether by choice, or if the jobs werenít there, nobody knows.

The only known sighting of her was in the late 90ís, there was a big Hollywood autograph convention in Los Angeles and Amanda Peterson was one of the stars signing.

There is all sorts of speculation as to what happened to her.

What I know for sure is that she had a daughter.
Some say that Amanda returned to her hometown of Greeley Colorado and that she has been involved with drug use, a failed relationship, abuse, police problems, even mental illness issues.
Nothing is confirmed though.

This is a photo of Amanda Peterson now:

Amanda Peterson now

The rumor is that she is suffering of ADHD. I hope she is alright, she has the most beautiful daughter in the world.
I hope that if Amanda is in trouble, she gets better.

answered by Agent | 04-18-2010 at 10:04 PM

How did you come into contact with this photo? Has she given you permission to post it?

answered by Guest | 01-03-2011 at 04:36 AM

is this really her?

answered by Guest | 01-12-2011 at 08:59 PM

I'm going to have to say yes, it is her. There are a lot of people pulling for her and I sure hope everything works out for her and her family.

answered by Guest | 03-03-2011 at 10:13 PM

Amanda does not have psychological issues, a drug problem or problems with the police. lol. ADHD? Who the hell wrote this? You're an idiot and that's the problem with the internet. You know your IP can easy be traced? My favorite part is "there's a lot of people pulling for her".

answered by Guest | 05-31-2011 at 09:34 PM

If Amanda gave him permission to take the photo then she probably doesn't mind it being posted here. She looks beautiful and I'm happy to see her smiling with her daughter. I heard that she has two children in another blog though and a husband.
Hope she is doing great. Thanks for sharing this photo !

answered by Amanda fan | 06-16-2011 at 08:23 PM

lies about Amanda Peterson
Simply ridiculous!
These drugs stories are slander!
Who are the PSYCHOPATHS who are behind these terrible inventions about Amanda?
Must answer in court for slander!
Why not grow and produce something useful to society?
Perhaps it is better to write and submit scripts for Hollywood studios!
Amazing how the world is becoming...

answered by World of True | 07-03-2011 at 04:05 PM

He did preface his statement with "rumor". Give him a break, besides if Slander actually was a legitimate law against freedom of press then there would be no tabloids. Hell, there would be no internet.

answered by Guest | 08-08-2011 at 02:24 PM

Well then what did happen to Amanda Peterson? If you know these stories are false then say something. and no she doesn't look beautiful. she looks like her had a hard life. her face looks stressed out, tired.

answered by Guest | 10-01-2011 at 07:45 PM

If that is Amanda Peterson and it certainly looks that way she looks like either a heroin or crystal meth user. That's my opinion not slander.

answered by Guest | 11-01-2011 at 08:30 PM

Amanda Peterson looks fine. What the hell is everyone so crazy about. Maybe she just didn't feel like acting anymore. You people never walked away form something when you were done with it?

Leave her alone and let her live her life, go worry about your own life and family.

answered by Guest | 11-15-2011 at 03:19 AM

I would imagine why nothing has been found out about an actress that everyone fell in love with back in the 80's is that maybe, with whatever she has or has not been through, she just wants her privacy. Yes, I was one of those that as a kid (two yrs younger than she is) was awe struck and had a crush on her lol... and yes, it would be great to see her step out of the shadows and back into the spotlight even if its just to say Hi to here fans (as it would eliminate all the rumors and things), but obviously this is not her desire to do this at present so we should respect her privacy...

answered by Erick | 11-27-2011 at 03:19 AM

I really hope she and her family OK. Many people (fans) are rooting for her at this time! Greetings from Brazil!

answered by Marcelo Gomes | 01-09-2012 at 04:41 PM

Amanda: the truth
Amanda Peterson walked away because she was being pestered for sex by her agent and an unknown movie director from LA. She chose to walk away as that way the people harassing her couldn't blackmail her as she was no longer famous.
Sue me if you want, I'm not from America but I keep in touch with her still and that's all I'm prepared to say.

answered by amanda petersons lips | 02-12-2012 at 02:00 AM

"Suffering from ADHD". I have ADHD and I'm not suffering at all. It's not some serious disease.

answered by Guest | 02-12-2012 at 05:27 AM

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