BJ Penn Loses: Frankie Edgar Fight Video?

BJ Penn loses? On a historical night for Ultimate Fighting Championship, Frankie Edgar made history versus BJ Penn at UFC 112.

In a huge upset, Frankie Edgar beat longtime UFC lightweight champion B.J. Penn, winning the title with a unanimous 50-45, 48-47, 49-46 decision at UFC 112 in the company's debut show in the United Arab Emirates.
I could not watch the full fight, so I was wondering if anyone knows where I can see the fight video. Maybe in youtube?

Penn (15-6-1) had been the UFC's lightweight champion since January 2008, but Edgar (12-1) picked him apart with energy and movement. Although Penn and Edgar spent nearly the entire fight on their feet trading strikes, the 8-1 underdog from Toms River, N.J., even took down Penn twice, the first time Penn had been taken down in six years at lightweight.

Props to Frankie Edgar for stunning the MMA world and beating BJ Penn for the lightweight championship at UFC 112 in Abu Dhabi.

Can you guys post the complete fight video?

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Edgar, an 8-1 underdog, pushed the pace throughout the five-round, 155-pound title fight, mixing punches and kicks from various angles. He opened a cut under the champion's right eye in the first and continued to connect with hooks and jabs in each round thanks to being the faster of the two fighters.

BJ Penn did find his range, especially in the middle rounds, connecting with straight jabs and strong counter hooks.
I'm currently looking for the full fight video.

The loss to Edgar Saturday was perhaps the worst loss in BJ Penn's career, as it cost him the lightweight belt and may have demonstrated that, at the age of 31, he's starting to have trouble keeping up with younger, faster fighters like the 28-year-old Edgar. For Penn to post such a positive message just hours after suffering such a devastating loss shows that, even if he's no longer a champion, he's still a class act.

A 7-to-1 underdog heading into the bout, the win for Edgar qualifies as a monumental upset, arguably the most notable in UFC since Penn beat Matt Hughes for the welterweight championship in January 2004. Going into the fight, many of the questions for Penn revolved around moving back to the 170-pound division. Even UFC President Dana White said that Penn would "clean out" the lightweight division with a win over Edgar.

Penn finished the fight marked under both eyes, having had the belt slowly unbuckled from around his waist in five rounds of stand-up action. Penn should be kicking himself.

As soon as the final bell rang, Edgar raised his arms and his corner-men hoisted him in the air, convinced he was the victor. Penn went back to his corner and leaned on the fence.

Few gave Edgar much of a shot versus Penn, who hadn’t lost as a lightweight in more than eight years. But Edgar always believed he could pull off a win for the ages.

“Too good, man. Too good,” said Edgar, who appeared to be fighting back tears when the belt was wrapped around his waist.

As soon as the full fight video is available in youtube, I will post the video here.

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Penn loss a farce
Great update on BJ's loss

answered by Guest | 04-11-2010 at 08:01 PM

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