Was Martin Luther King a Womanizer?

Today it's Martin Luther King Jr day. My mom told me that shed heard Martin Luther King Jr was a womanizer and cheated on his wife.
Some also say Martin Luther King was a socialist, but I don't care about that. Was Martin Luther King dating a lot women back in the days? Was he a womanizer? Is there any proof?

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Yes it is true. Mister Martin Luther King junior was a womanizer. The FBI was wire tapping him for another reason and they picked up alot of evidence that he was cheating on his wife.
However whether or not someone in politics is a womanizer has nothing to do in my opinion with how effective or ineffective they are as a political leader or in any socio economic function.
But yes Martin Luther King did have fun with other women.

answered by Guest | 01-19-2010 at 01:45 AM

Martin Luther King
The FBI was taping him looking for any dirt they could find on him (not for "some other reason"). They were extremely happy for anything they could get on him, and in fact, used the information they gained on his affairs to try to force him from leadership of the SCLC.

Contrary to another poster's opinion, a man's inability to maintain his marriage vows is of interest to the public. In King's case, he wasn't a political leader, he was a religious and moral one. Confidence in leadership is shaken when it's apparent the leader can't keep his words, or obey the moral precepts of the system that has given him authority. It very much impacts the career of right wing evangelists, left wing evangelists shouldn't be held to a different standard.

Also, it makes the leader vulnerable to blackmail. I'm sure that many decisions Kennedy and Clinton made which affected the country were influenced by what was known about their "private" behavior... and who knew it

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Judge Not
you're an *****

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If Martin had only been a political leader this wouldn't have been that bad. The fact that he was a Christian, Baptist Preacher means he has to be held to a higher standard!

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All Hoover's FBI records have been sealed until 2027 or so i heard..wait and hear the truth, no one deserves to be shot. period.
ps the location of the wound was in the US Army's snipers triangle KILL ZONE by the way.

answered by USAJon | 01-17-2011 at 01:57 PM

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