Ines Sainz: New York Jets Controversy (Pics)

The NFL is looking into whether New York Jets players harassed Ines Sainz, a female reporter from a television network, during a practice on Saturday.
Ines Sainz, who works for TV Azteca, a Mexican television network, was the recipient of cat calls, whistling and extended stares by Jets players.
I've seen Ines Sainz in pictures, she is a very hot and beautiful lady but that doesn't justify what the New York Jets did.
Is there going to be sanctions for the New York Jets for disrespecting Ines Sainz?

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Ines Sainz was at the Jets' Florham Park facility Saturday to interview quarterback Mark Sanchez. During the portion of practice open to the media, Dennis Thurman overthrew passes during position drills so they would land near Ines Sainz on purpose, and coach Rex Ryan joined in as well.
The harassment allegedly continued in the locker room afterward, where Ines Sainz waited for Sanchez amidst cat calls, and remarks like this one made by lineman Kris Jenkins: “This is our locker room.” Ines Sainz described the experience on her Twitter account:

"I die of embarrassment!" she wrote in Spanish. "I am in the locker room of the Jets waiting for Mark Sanchez while trying not to look to anywhere!"

Members of the Jets public-relations staff were present and did not discourage the behavior.

"The New York Jets believe that reporters have a job to do and it is our obligation to provide them with proper and professional access," the Jets said in a statement issued Sunday.

Here's a picture of Ines Sainz, this photo explains it all.

Ines Sainz hot mexican reporter

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Ines Sainz is stunning.
The Association for Women in Sports Media asked the N.F.L. to examine the matter, and the league spokesman Greg Aiello said, "The Jets and our office began looking into it as soon as we learned of it."
But I don't think they will do anything about this, I mean, it's just a bunch of guys screaming things to a hot girl.

answered by Guest | 09-13-2010 at 01:27 PM

Ines Sainz noted that she did not initiate the complaints about Jets players' behavior. She said she mostly ignored the treatment Jets players were giving her in the locker room.
She spoke with ABC and said, "I am not the one who made the charge and who says I feel uncomfortable."

answered by Tony | 09-14-2010 at 02:45 PM

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