Are Saturn Cars Still Being Made?

General Motors, which owns Saturn, had hoped Penske Automotive Group could save the struggling Saturn brand. But Penske says talks fell apart when they couldn't find another manufacturer to continue making Saturn cars.
Is Saturn car company still in business? Are Saturn Cars still being made?

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Saturn Cars are not being made anymore.

Since September, a deal by GM to sell its Saturn brand has collapsed, an offer to sell its European unit Opel was pulled, the sale of Hummer to a Chinese firm has been delayed and Saab now faces closure.

General Motors, in what amounts to a fire-sale, is offering dealers generous packages to unload their inventory of discontinued brands Saturn and Pontiac, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

Under the offer, GM will give dealers $7,000 for every Saturn or Pontiac brands slated to be shelved along with Saab and Hummer they essentially sell to themselves.

The cars will be moved off the lot to join service-vehicle or rental-vehicle fleets operated by the dealers, where they can be sold for a more attractive price, according to the report. But the dealers will have to market the cars as used since they are technically the vehicles' first owners.

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