Are Christmas Trees Pagan Symbols?

I really enjoy Christmas decorating my house with my kids and for me, Christmas trees are one of the most beautiful things but one of my friends told me that this is a pagan symbol so I don't know what to do now. She is a very religious person and I'm not, but I was looking on the internet and I found the origin of Christmas trees but it didn't say that it's considered a pagan symbol. I would like to know because although I'm not a very religious person, I like to do things right and I try to follow the traditions and to teach my kids about them. I'm still going to have my Christmas tree at home, even if this is a pagan symbol, but I want to know so I can tell them the truth. Thank you!!!

asked by Adalyn in Holidays | 1933 views | 12-10-2012 at 03:35 PM

The origin of Christmas trees is uncertain, in our days is considerate a symbol of Christmas holidays but it's still on debate if this should be considerate like a religious or pagan symbol. In the past centuries the opposition to the Christmas tree was really strong and the Christian Church in the third century prohibited the decoration of their houses with this trees. The real decorated Christmas tree was in the mid-19th century but still today we have this opposition. Some of the people believe that the tradition of the Christmas tree and its decoration is a pagan custom, but this is not truth, today for many people it represents the New Year and the hope for the future.
Pope John Paul II introduced the Christmas tree tradition to the Vatican in 1982 and although at first was disapproved by some places in the Roman Catholic Church, now the Christmas tree is part of the Vatican celebrations and in 2005 Pope Benedict XVI said that this is just a normal decoration in Catholic homes.
I believe that this is not a pagan symbol, and if you like to do it, then don't stop!!!The important thing is what this tree represents to you and to your family, because decorate it can be a very special time to share with the people you love the most.

answered by Sienna | 12-10-2012 at 03:36 PM

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