Zachary Quinto Boyfriend Pictures?

Today Zachary Quinto confessed that he is gay. I guess most of us already knew his preference but he made it official.
I think Zachary Quinto has a boyfriend. What is his name and where can I see pictures?
There were many rumors about Zachary Quinto's boyfriend a few months ago and some say he is also an actor.
Do you know who Zachary Quinto's boyfriend is? Are there any photos of him I can see online?

asked by Katherine in Television | 4739 views | 10-17-2011 at 09:24 PM

Zachary Quinto said that playing a gay man who abandons his boyfriend in a Broadway play “Angels in America” helped him realize how lucky he was to be a gay man in this generation.
He was seen several times with Katy Perry's stylist, Johnny Wujek. In fact pictures of the two were everywhere a while ago but Zachary Quinto never said he was his boyfriend.
Maybe they're just good friends, who knows. So far, Zachary Quinto didn't admit having a boyfriend so until he says something we can only guess. There are other pictures of him hanging out with other dudes too.
I'm happy that Zachary Quinto decided to come out of the closet and publicly say he is gay, he is a brave man.

answered by Bentley | 10-17-2011 at 09:25 PM

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