Is Demi Lovato a Christian?

I want to know if Demi Lovato is a Christian or if she is Jewish. If you don't know her, she is a singer and actress who used to be in Disney's Sonny with a Chance.
Demi Lovato also has a singing career and in my opinion, she has the best voice of all the kids in Disney right now.
What is her religion, is she a Christian? Since she was recently in rehab and she has some personal issues that is dealing with, I wonder if she is a spiritual person.
Has Demi Lovato ever talked about being a Christian in an interview?

asked by Christopher in Television | 2909 views | 09-26-2011 at 08:45 PM

Demi Lovato is indeed a Christian. She said that she wouldn't have anything she has without God, and she always prays with her band before every show.
At first I didn't know either but I realized Demi Lovato was a Christian when I heard her sing the song "I Can Only Imagine" and that is a Christian track.
If you think about it, pretty much all of the kids at Disney are from the same religion.
I'm sure Demi Lovato's religion helped her when she was having the worst time of her life just a few months ago.

answered by Matthew | 09-26-2011 at 08:47 PM

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