Is Teach For America Hard To Get Into?

I was just wondering if anyone here thinks that doing Teach for America would help me in qualifying as a competative candidate for grad schools in International Affairs/Relations/Development.

Teach for America conducts an intensive five-week training program for its inductees during the summer before they start teaching.
I mainly want to know if Teach For America is hard to get into? Is it "very" hard?

asked by Samantha in High school | 8307 views | 09-25-2009 at 03:37 AM

Your chances: I hear two different things about Teach for America. The firs t is that since its a program to staff inner city schools with quality teachers, it is very selective. The other thing I hear is that because many teachers do not want to work with kids in the at-risk population, TFA is more concerned with your emotional intelligence, people skills, and desire to work with the kids in TFA schools. I'm sure that having both a good academic record in addition to having good recommendations and a stellar interview is the real winning combination for TFA. With all respect to you, it would be to your advantage to take some summer courses that interest you and that you will do well in to see if you can get your GPA up to a 3.0; however, you still have a chance if you can score yourself awesome recommendations.

Where will you end up: My understanding is that they generally try to place you at a school within a region and grade level/subject that you choose. They want you to be successful.

answered by Martin | 09-25-2009 at 03:38 AM

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