Flip and Grow Rich Reviews?

Is the book Flip and Grow Rich by Armando Montelongo any good? What does the reviews say?

asked by Rich in Books & Writing | 4563 views | 08-15-2009 at 05:40 PM

Reviews of the book Flip and Grow Rich:

"For anyone looking to build wealth in real estate, Flip and Grow Rich study course, provides step-by-step approach that really works in any market"

"I love watching armando's show. he's arrogant but you can tell he cares about people. however, that was not really reflected in the dealings i've had with his "people" the past few days. we got this package along with books and all, just to get the free book and DVD he was advertising on the radio. it was a mistake. we looked it over and really, most of the info you can get in books/CD's that cost $10 as opposed to his outrageously priced program. we sent it back, and all together we paid $45 on shipping just for a free book and DVD. when i called his office to return it, the woman was rude to me. i was trying to be as polite as possible but she was deliberately trying to make me feel like a bad person for returning it and her attitude was terrible. then someone called us from his office asking for my husband and he didn't say much but his countenance was also impolite. i don't even feel like reading the free book now. so, go with kirsten kemp or someone and forget these complicated, expensive programs. i'm sure someone from armando's office will respond to this review. but i'm sorry, it's seriously overpriced and your people are rude."

answered by Sal | 08-15-2009 at 05:43 PM

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