Win McMurry Golf Channel: Tiger Woods Video?

What did Win McMurry say about Tiger Woods on the Golf Channel? I didn't see it, is there a video of what she said?

Tiger Woods withdrew from The Players Championship on Sunday due to fears that he was suffering a bulging disk injury. Win McMurry made a comment about that on the Golf channel and she said something funny. What did Win McMurry say?

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Win McMurry from the Golf Channel made an embarrassing blunder, while referring to Tiger Woods' 'bulging disk' that forced him to withdraw from The Players Championship golf tournament.
There is a youtube video of Win McMurry's slip.

Reporter Win McMurry mistakenly used the word that suggests manhood instead of "disk".
This is what Win McMurry said on the Golf Channel:

"[Woods] says he's been playing with a bad neck for about a month and thinks it could be a bulging d-k," the New York Daily News quoted McMurry, as saying.

Reporter Win McMurry got Woods' sore neck confused with the part of his anatomy more closely associated with his infamous marital woes.

McMurry quickly corrected herself, letting the audience know she was talking about a "disk in his upper back," not the four-letter body part better known to a bevy of party girls.

The youtube video of Win McMurry clearly shows the gaffe.

According to Win McMurry didn’t intend to mix her words but when speaking in live interviews and broadcasts, sometimes the truth just comes tumbling out. McMurry assures the viewers that the mistake was honest and that she meant no harm to Tiger and his reputation at all. Others find the Freudian slip to be quite entertaining and many feel that this was one faux pas that just might be worth repeating many times over. Although McMurry apologized, don’t look for the foul speaking comedians to be so apologetic when they take advantage of the mistake.

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