Kitty Kelley Oprah Biography Book Tell All?

Kitty Kelley's Oprah Biography tell all book is sure to be one of the most talked-about books this month, the book is named "Oprah: A Biography," and is a new unauthorized biography of television megastar Oprah Winfrey, it will be in bookstores tomorrow.

Kitty Kelley was unable to talk to Oprah Winfrey for the book but scoured countless interviews and also quotes friends, family members and employees.

Kitty Kelley's book is 544 pages long. Kitty has written juicy books about the Bush family, Nancy Reagan, and Frank Sinatra and she told The New York Times this weekend that no one has been as secretive and protective of her private life than Oprah. Not even Sinatra -- and he allegedly threatened to have Kelley killed.

One of the controversial things in Oprah's biography book is that she hooked up with John Tesh.

Is this tell all book going to have anything new besides the John Tesh story?

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Oprah Winfrey was romantically involved with John Tesh? I knew Kitty Kelley's unauthorized tell-all of the Queen of All Media would have some bombshells, but I sure didn't see that one coming.

Kitty Kelley's book are always controversial. In this new book she presents Oprah as a cold manipulator who requires everyone around her to sign confidentiality agreements.

In Kitty Kelley's Preface to her new Oprah book, she says it was hard to get people to talk because everybody was afraid of making Oprah mad. One person who wasn't afraid was the man who raised her, Vernon Winfrey. He dishes the dirt directly to the author.

Kitty Kelley likes to boast about her scrupulous research methods and cabinets full of files, but no one reads her unauthorized celebrity bios for a masterclass on journalistic methods. They read them for the scoop. With her latest project, “Oprah: A Biography” (Crown), Kelley has set herself a nearly impossible task: digging dirt on a towering cultural figure who is simultaneously secretive and overexposed.

Kelley is generally thought of as an "Uh-oh" writer. That is, when she announces she is writing a book about X, the response is "Uh-oh," usually on the part of the subject. For the rest of us, the "Uh-oh" signifies: "This is gonna be good. It may be down and dirty, but it will be true, and it will be good."

The biography book says Oprah has a secret birth father. Kitty Kelley has described Winfrey's life as being "choked with secrets," the biggest one of which is her not knowing who her birth father is. Kelley spent three days in Mississippi with Winfrey's aunt, Katharine Esters, who told Kelley the identity of Winfrey's real father but swore the author to secrecy. Kelley did not divulge the information in the book, because she said Winfrey's mother has yet to share that information with her famous daughter.

Kelley claims to be having trouble getting booked for interviews about the biography, saying everyone from Barbara Walters to Larry King to David Letterman have turned down her publisher's requests. But at the core, she says, her book is uplifting.

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