Benny Hinn's Wife?

Benny Hinn is a popular televangelist, and it wouldn’t seem as if he would fit the profile of someone getting a divorce. However, Benny Hinn’s wife has filed for divorce and it is definitely happening.
Who is Benny Hinn's wife and what is the reason behind the divorce?
Benny Hinn's and his wife have been married for so long, I find the divorce news hard to believe.

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There have been rumors for some time about Benny Hinn’s wife – Suzanne Hinn – wanting to divorce from him.
She filed for divorce in Orange County Superior Court, which has been confirmed by a senior advisor to Benny Hinn.
They have been together for 30 years now. There have been infidelity rumors too.
Benny Hinn is experiencing a rough patch now.

Benny Hinn is one of six televangelists under investigation by Sen. Charles Grassley, the Iowa Republican on the Senate Banking Committee, over whether he complied with IRS rules for nonprofits.

Some of Benny Hinn’s followers believe that the “devil made her do it” in order to try to separate his church. Others believe that Benny masqueraded some of his tumultuous private life, and that the “truth” would have to come out sooner or later.

According to Suzanne Hinn, the divorce is needed because some of the couple’s differences could not have been solved in any other way. It is not entirely clear what the issues were that caused the problems.

Benny Hinn is probably the world’s most famous preacher.

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don't feel sorry
Let him lose millions of dollars. He's a wolf in sheepskin clothing.

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