Cash for clunkers recall?

Did you hear the news? Dealers are suspending their "Cash for Clunkers" program and asking some customers to bring back their cars. What's up with that?

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It's true, some dealers are suspending their "Cash for Clunkers" program. I was about to take advantage of the plan. Also, the dealers are asking customers to bring back their cars. Here's a CNN video explaining it:

answered by Demitri | 08-06-2009 at 09:36 PM

Some Austin car dealerships say their participation in the federal "Cash for Clunkers" program has them tangled up in red tape. One dealership is suspending its Cash for Clunkers sales; another is asking customers to bring their cars back -- at least temporarily.

Dealerships give customers the program's $4,500 trade-in rebates up front, then must file paperwork with the federal government to be reimbursed by stimulus dollars. Kiescnick says her dealership has not gotten any of their program paperwork approved so far and wants the new car back in the meantime.

The confusion and paperwork aren't the only problems of the program. Just four days after it started, money ran out for the rebates. The Senate is expected to vote this week to fuel Cash for Clunkers with an additional $2 billion.

answered by Jonas2 | 08-06-2009 at 09:40 PM

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