Funny and Inspirational New Year Quotes?

Just wondered if anyone had any funny or inspirational quotes or sayings about the New Year.
I know 2011 is going to be a great year for me and my friends, we're all starting college.
I just want to publish a funny quote or wish in my facebook wall, or maybe an inspirational one, if it's good enough.

Any ideas? None of my friends has posted anything hilarious and I want to be first.

asked by Kennedy in Holidays | 2681 views | 12-31-2010 at 10:57 PM

Some of my friends posted these funny New Year quotes on Facebook.

"My new years Resolution is to have a fat bank account and a slim body... and not to get them mixed up like last year."

"If I add all the numbers in 2011 I get four... which is as many friends I have on facebook that I actually know..."

These are inspirational quotes about the New Year.

"The Old Year has gone. Let the dead past bury its own dead. The New Year has taken possession of the clock of time. All hail the duties and possibilities of the coming twelve months!" - Edward Payson Powell

"It is difficult to live in the present, ridiculous to live in the future, and impossible to live in the past. Nothing is as far away as one minute ago." - Jim Bishop

answered by Gracie | 12-31-2010 at 10:58 PM

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