Josef Mengele Medical Experiments?

I'm doing an argumentative essay on Josef Mengele and plan to discuss his experiments, as well as whether or not they had any benefits.
More likely the ones such as treating the body of malaria, freezing, high altitudes, etc. Do we still use much of his experimental findings?
If you have any resources that can help me, please list. Thank you.

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Dr. Josef Mengele, nicknamed The Angel Of Death, and the other Nazi doctors at the death camps tortured men, women and children and did medical experiments of unspeakable horror during the Holocaust. Victims were put into pressure chambers, tested with drugs, castrated, frozen to death. Children were exposed to experimental surgeries performed without anesthesia, transfusions of blood from one to another, isolation endurance, reaction to various stimuli. The doctors made injections with lethal germs, sex change operations, removal of organs and limbs.

At Auschwitz Josef Mengele did a number of medical experiments, using twins. These twins as young as five years of age were usually murdered after the experiment was over and their bodies dissected.

He was famous for not using any kind of anesthesia, he liked to see his patients suffer throughout the procedure.

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I'm not sure if this was an experiment under Mengele. But I'm pretty sure that for instance the ejection seat got invented because of the experiments in the camps.
I also know that the research results from the experiments were used in articles. They just said that they experimented on monkeys, but it seems pretty clear, that it were results from Nazi experiments. I do not know though if that led to any inventions still used today. It's been more than 60 years now; that's quite a long time in which science cahnges and replaces a lot of its inventions and findings.

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There were a few experiments having to do with underwater long it would take a person to get bends, how long before their eardrums busted, etc...claiming to be helping out those who would be on submarines.

answered by Norbet | 12-02-2009 at 02:27 PM

Megeles expirements
He would often try to change eye color, change people's gender and try to do experiments on twins. He was most interested in twins, he would often do most of these experiments without anesthesia (Used to put people to sleep). Which means people would go through the pain and suffering. He mainly used dye for the eye color changing experiment. The dye would lead to blindness and awful pain. He would sew twins together. After he was done with the twins he would dissect them. I hope this really helped you.

answered by Isis | 01-14-2010 at 11:24 PM

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