May Day History For Kids?

I need to explain May Day history to little kids.
May Day is an important day for the whole world, it has different meanings from country to country.
Where can I find a guide to explain May Day history to kids in a way that's not complicated and easy to understand?
Explaining history to kids can be hard since they get bored easily.

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Every year, May Day is celebrated around the world on May 1st. People across the globe celebrate May Day in many different ways. For some, May Day is a day to celebrate the beginning of spring. Some countries celebrate with a variety of floral festivals while others recognize May 1st as an important day for the labor movement. Some celebrate with parades while others may not recognize the day at all. In Hawaii, many celebrate “Lei Day” on May 1st, a colorful day that honors Hawaiian tradition and culture.

The most common May Day custom is to secretly leave a basket of flowers or other small gifts on a neighbor's doorknob or doorstep.
An easy and fun way to celebrate May Day for kids is offering May Day coloring pages and May Day activities. Kids love celebrating special occasions and they will love these exciting May Day activities.

May Day History for Kids:

What is May Day?
May Day is May 1st and is a celebration of the arrival of spring. It is believed that the holiday originated in Roman times as a festival of flowers.

Today, children celebrate this day by making small baskets filled with treats or flowers to give secretly to friends and neighbors. It is a common custom (and lots of fun) to leave the basket on the doorstep of a friend, ring the doorbell and run away. If the friend sees you before you get away, you owe them a kiss.

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