Frank Buckles 2009?

Veterans Day is observed on Nov. 11 in the United States to honor veterans of the armed services. The holiday began as a commemoration of the armistice signed in 1918 that ended World War I, also known as the "Great War" or the "war to end all wars."

This year 2009, there is just one American veteran who served in World War I still alive. His name is Frank Buckles, who drove ambulances in England and France after enlisting at the age of 16.
He is 108 years old!

What's Frank Buckles life story?

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Frank Buckles was born on February 1st 1901, in Bethany, Missouri. At age 15 Frank Buckles wanted to join the army to fight for his country because he was interested in war and wanted to see what war was like. He enlisted in the Marines at the beginning of the United States' involvement in World War I in April 1917. He was only fifteen when he enlisted himself into the Marines; Buckles lied to the corporal and said he was 21. He was turned down by the Marines due to his weight. So he enlisted into the Army.

During his time in service for the United States Army, Frank was stationed in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and France. After the Armistice was signed on November 11th, 1918, Frank Buckles was sent to France in 1917 at age 16, where he was a driver for the Army. The Armistice was the treaty that ended World War I. His job as a driver required him to escort prisoners of war back to Germany.

In 1919, after the war had ended, Frank Buckles was stationed in Germany, and he was discharged from service in 1920 having achieved the rank of Corporal. In the 1940s during World War II, Buckles was working for an American shipping line in the Philippines where he was captured by the Japanese. The Japanese sent him to a prison camp where he spent three years during the war.

Frank Buckles is 108 years old and is very healthy. He is currently living in Charlestown, West Virginia. His caretaker states that on a daily basis Frank lifts 2-pound weights and does stretches in the morning. Also, he does around 50 sit-ups in the morning before beginning his day.

This is a video about his life:

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