Juche Religion Beliefs?

I am doing a project for my Bible class at school. I need to do research on the "Juche" religion. How it was created, beliefs, etc.
I have never heard of it before. I found stuff on it but the one thing I'm missing is famous people.
What is the Juche Religion all about? What are its beliefs?

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Juche is a Communist government sponsored mixture of ideology, philosophy and religion for an estimated 22,000,000 people of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea). Juche was created by North Korea's President Kim Il-Sung (April 15, 1912-July 8, 1994) in 1955. At that time, North Korea was being influenced by the Communist governments of the U.S.S.R. and People's Republic of China.

Initially, Juche was an ideology consisting of two basic ideas. First, the Korean Worker's Party revolution belonged to the people. Second, the masses of people needed to be organized or guided by a "Great Leader", who was none other than Kim Il-Sung himself.

Later, the idea of self-reliance or self-sufficiency as a country was added to Juche. Overall, Kim Il-Sung proved himself to be a man of ideas as well as a strong ruler.

Juche was further developed by General Secretary Kim Jong-il, who was Kim Il-Sung's son and successor in 1994. Confucian beliefs were added in regards to family values, material possessions and self-sacrifice.

Some scholars have likened Juche to a religious movement. At the very least, there are some similarities between the Juche ideology and a religious movement. However, Juche authorities insist that the Juche ideology is secular (or worldly rather than spiritual).

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Juche is the only government-authorized ideology in North Korea, to the point of excluding all other religions. "Juche" means "self-reliance" in the Korean language. Some writers cited in the Adherents.com database (under "Juche" as well as "Kimilsungism") classify Juche as a North Korean form of Marxist Communism. Juche began in the 1950s and is the official philosophy promulgated by the North Korean government and educational system. Its promoters describe Juche as simply a secular, ethical philosophy and not a religion. But, from a sociological viewpoint Juche is clearly a religion, and in many ways is even more overtly religious than Soviet-era Communism or Chinese Maoism.

answered by Albert | 11-05-2009 at 08:04 PM

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