Standing Rib Roast Cooking Time Per Pound?

I have an 11 pound standing rib roast and thought I would cook it on my oven.
I already printed a recipe I found online which, according to the comments, is a delicious recipe.
What I can't seem to find is the cooking time per pound of the standing rib roast. I cook a lot, but haven't done many roasts. I will be cooking for 25 people.
Can anyone recommend a good cooking temperature for my roast? The recipe mentions several temperatures for different results. I'm thinking it would be better to cook it at a lower temperature so it doesn't get tough.
For how long should I cook my rib roast?

asked by Lacey in Foods | 22628 views | 12-24-2010 at 10:46 PM

An understanding of prime rib cooking times is essential to cooking the perfect prime rib roast. Using a meat thermometer to measure the exact inside temperature of the roast is the ideal way to determine its doneness.

The most accurate way to judge if the roast is done is to use an instant read thermometer. If not using a thermometer, allow approximately 15 minutes per pound for rare, 18-20 for medium, or 25 minutes for a well done roast.

There are two schools of thought on roasting: cook the meat from start to finish at a consistent medium temperature, or put it in a very hot oven to start, and then lower the temperature for the remainder of the cooking time.

Some people like their meat almost bloody. Your target temperature for this would be 120. Others feel queasy when they see any pink in their meat; cook the beef to 170 for these people.

answered by Queen | 12-24-2010 at 10:47 PM

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