Bo Griffin Death: Intestinal Cancer?

Bontia "Bo" Griffin, a former South Florida radio host who also worked in local and cable television, died yesterday.
They are reporting the cause of death as intestinal cancer. How old was Bo Griffin at the time of her death and when did she find out about her intestinal cancer?

asked by Kai in Celebrity | 3207 views | 02-17-2010 at 05:26 PM

Bo Griffin was 51.
Griffin is best known in radio for work on Power 96's Mindy and Bo Morning Show, arguable the most morning program on South Florida radio. Griffin also appeared on Hot 105 and did entertainment reporting on Florida TV.
Poor girl, she was diagnosed with cancer in January. Bo Griffin was unaware that she had cancer until last month, when she saw a doctor about some pain she was having. She was about to embark on a new job with the entertainment magazine show Extra, and was engaged to be married with the wedding scheduled for this September. Griffin was 51 years of age.

Intestinal cancer can be so devastating and it usually provokes a slow and painful death.
Griffin had just released the information that she planned to marry her fiance, Grover, this September. Unfortunately she passed away before that.

answered by Maggie | 02-17-2010 at 05:31 PM

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