Koman Coulibaly Referee Controversy?

There's a lot of controversy about Referee Koman Coulibaly after the world cup soccer match.

Koman Coulibaly – who was born on July 4th, of all days – is the Malian soccer ref who officiated today’s crucial U.S.-Slovenia World Cup match.
It is because of him that the US lost.
Do you agree that ref Koman Coulibaly shouldn't be allowed near a soccer field again, and that he should receive a lifetime ban?

asked by Match in Soccer | 4882 views | 06-18-2010 at 08:53 PM

The U.S. got robbed. I can't believe FIFA allows a referee like Koman Coulibaly to be on the World Cup.
Coulibaly’s nickname is “Sleepy Eyes,” because he comes across as fatigued while watching a match.
Koman Coulibaly needs to be investigated by FIFA immediately and the results made public for FIFA to maintain credibility before the world of sport.
This is proof FIFA is anti-American. It's all on video. there was not offsides on our last goal and he look the other way when Slovenia was offsides with their goal, and allowed Slovenia to foul US all day.

I have never seen such outrageous bias and absurd disregard for fairness in any sport until I saw Koman Coulibaly today.

answered by Luke | 06-18-2010 at 08:54 PM

Yahoo! Sports is reporting, citing a FIFA source, that Coulibaly is facing an expedited review from FIFA, and it's "likely" he will be excluded from the remainder of the FIFA World Cup.

Since the outcome of the 2-2 draw between the U.S. and Slovenia isn't changing, this is probably the closest we'll ever come to FIFA admitting the major error made by Koman Coulibaly.

answered by Anderson | 06-19-2010 at 04:16 AM

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