Christina Aguilera Leaked Racy Photos?

Christina Aguilera's racy photos started a scandal after they were leaked to the web. The racy photos show Christina in various forms of undress, and have her fuming about the origins.

Christina says that the pictures were stolen and distributed by a computer hacker but I don't believe her, she is always trying to get the attention of the media.

Which website published Christina Aguilera's racy photos first? Do you consider this is yet another Christina Aguilera publicity stunt?

Did you see the photos? How inappropriate are they?

asked by Josie in Controversy | 2491 views | 12-09-2010 at 11:13 PM

Christina Aguilera originally took the pictures for her personal stylist, whose computer account was illegally tapped into.
A hacker is thought to be behind the malicious distribution of private photos.

In the pictures, which appeared on several websites, Christina Aguilera is seen posing in what appears to be her closet in just body jewellery and pasties.

The provocative photos were apparently taken before Aguilera's split from her husband. Christina has called in her lawyers and representatives to take action against the hackers responsible for leaking the photographs, Contactmusic reported.

This has been a rough few months for Aguilera. In October, she split with her husband Jordan Bratman, and her first starring role in the movie "Burlesque" was panned by most critics when it premiered two weeks ago.

answered by Bennett | 12-09-2010 at 11:13 PM

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