How Was Michael Jackson's Surgery?

I'm very curious to know how was Michael Jackson's surgery. I mean what was the actual procedure to make his skin turn white.
At first I thought he had a skin transplant but after seeing full pictures of Michael Jackson, I noticed his entire body was white. Now I doubt it was a transplant.
What type of surgery was implemented?

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Michael Jackson's surgery was because of his dad. He hated him and he didn't want to look like him.
And it wasn't just one surgery, it was a series of surgeries.

He first underwent plastic surgery in 1984 at age 26, slightly narrowing his nose while becoming famous for his hit song "Thriller".

In 1985, he obtained a second nose job and permanent eyeliner tattoos around his eyes.

In 1987, he underwent nose surgery for the third time, and emerged with noticeably more prominent cheekbones and pale skin. People said he contracted vitiligo, which causes people of color to lose pigment in their skin, though Michael never confirmed or denied this.

By 1991, he had even more lighter skin, sculpted eyebrows, a new chin cleft, and lowered, more squared jawline. He even thinned his nose a little more.

Michael received a chin implant in 1997, with the skin on his face having become taut and angled.

Two years later, Jackson has a new nose as well as a new chin, with smoothened cheeks and a smaller jaw.

In 2000, Michael Jackson began sporting a goatee on a longer jaw, with eyes pulled tighter on his face.

The next year he got a prosthetic nose tip on the end of his nose.

In 2002, his nasal passages are widened and his nose bridge is modified.

In 2004, he has another surgery. This time, he got a new nose made out of part of his ear, through the efforts of Dr. Werner Mang, a German plastic surgeon.

So you see, it wasn't just one procedure. He went through surgery almost his entire life.

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Wrong. First nose job in the late 70s. Didn't do it because he didn't want to look like joe.

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It's called vitiligo
Michael Jackson body was not totally white. He had darker blotches all around, which is why he always wore long cloth (even on stage). He underwent a procedure called de-pigmentation where the remaining darker skin cells were "killed" in order to help him create a more even look. He did that only in areas where it was visible, mainly his face and hands.
He also used bleaching creams that are prescribed to Vitiligo patients for maintenance. He revealed his skin condition in 1993 on Opera. It was confirmed in his autopsy report.
Not sure where the first person got his plastic surgery "history", since most of it is wrong.
1st nose job - 1979 after breaking his nose on stage.
2nd nose job - 1980 to repair his air ways as he was having problem breathing.
3rd nose job - 1983
4th nose job - 1986
1988 - 5th nose job and added a cliff on his chin.

Personally I don't think he had cheek implants. His entire family has high cheek bones. Him being so thin after he turned 22, made them look clearer.
His eyes shape changed because of his nose jobs.
Hope this helps...

answered by Guest | 05-21-2010 at 03:51 AM

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