My computer restarts itself

Randomly my computer restarts without notice. I'm playing a game, surfing the web or listening to a song and out of the blue, my PC restarts.
My computer is 3 months old and it worked fine until today.
I have Kaspersky installed and already did a virus scan but nothing was found.
I also deactivated the auto restart on system failure option, with no results.
Please help me.

asked by Walter in Software | 3229 views | 06-25-2009 at 05:22 PM

You may have a display driver problem. Make sure, your display drivers are up to date.
If you're using your computer for gaming, then you'll need the latest drivers from your video card manufacturer.

After installing the updated drivers, I suggest you uninstall your video card drivers, and reinstall.

Other reasons that can cause your computer to restart:

- Overheating. I'd recommend you check the fans of your computer and video card. If they're not working properly, the heat may be causing your computer to restart.

- Weak power supply unit. This happens when the video card isn't getting enough ‘power'.

If none of this work, you may have to reinstall Windows. If it's not a hardware problem, a clean OS installation will sure solve this problem. If you do it, install the chipset drivers first and then the rest of the drivers.

answered by Josh | 06-25-2009 at 05:46 PM

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