Ohio Unemployment Benefits Calculator?

How much unemployment pay will I receive in Ohio?
Looking for an online calculator or something to calculate the amount. I don't make much. I was laid off last week and I'm qualified to recieve unemployment benefits. Is there a set amount? Or is it based on a percentage?

Is there an online calculator to figure out how much I will get each week?
Any help would be great.

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States all use a recent 52 week period but it is up to the state to decide what that period is.
Your state's unemployment office should have an online calculator or at least a formula you can use.

If you're in Ohio, this is the info.

What is the weekly benefit amount of my Unemployment Benefits?

An applicant's "weekly benefit amount" is the dollar amount he/she may receive for a week of total unemployment. The "weekly benefit amount" is approximately 50% of the applicant's average weekly wage during the base period. However, the "weekly benefit amount" cannot exceed the state's maximum payment for each dependency classification. This maximum level is based on (1) the statewide average weekly wage, (2) the applicant's base period wages, and (3) the number of "allowable dependents.

The "total benefits payable" amount is calculated by multiplying the weekly benefit amount by the number of benefit weeks. This is the total amount an applicant may receive in his/her benefit year.

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