Sandisk Clip 2GB MP3 Player Manual?

I have the Sandisk Clip 2GB MP3 Player and I am trying to make a playlist. So I add a new folder under the playlist section in the mp3 player and put some music in it and everything is going good except when I take my mp3 player from the computer and try to go to my playlist, it's not there.
It deletes the folder I previously created.
What's up with this mp3 player? I lost the manual, can you guys let me know where to download a new manual?

asked by Tamsey in Music Players | 4913 views | 11-28-2009 at 05:02 PM

I have a Sansa Clip two(pink) and i have a play list. to make one...just play your songs on your Mp3 WHEN THEY ARE PLAYING (NOT ON COMPUTER) you just got to the song menu and select " add to go list" then so on and so forth for your other songs.

Don't know where you can download the player from, try the sandisk website.

answered by Lucio | 11-28-2009 at 05:03 PM

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