Last Minute Costume Ideas For Girls?

I'm going out for halloween and i need a last minute costume idea, i'm a 15 years old girl, and i can't go out and buy anything now, it's too late.
Please if you have a simple idea thats creative (no ghosts) and nothing like dumb.
Please hurry up, my last minute custome needs to be ready, the party is about to start and I don't have much time.

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These are some creative last minute custome ideas for girls and guys too:

The small and thin know what's "in" for a last-minute SCI-FI classic
costume. Just get one of those trash cans with the rounded dome top
and the big flap on the front. Put it over your head and climb inside,
bring along your cell phone and start dialing to make those audible
"beeps" and "boops."
Voila -- you're the beloved "Star Wars" droid R2D2!

Are you Portly? Pleasingly plump? Big-boned? Just plain overweight?
Halloween was meant for you! Simply throw that white sheet over
yourself, and you're the continent of Antartica

New parents! Are you confused about how to dress your infant for
the Halloween party? The answer is as close as your kitchen!
Simply wrap the offspring in aluminum foil
-- and the kid's a baked potato!

Get a child's growth chart with the lines and numbers on it, then
affix it to your body from head to toe. Every shopper will
recognize you as a price in Universal Bar Code!
This costume will also protect your anonymity: No one can tell
what the real price is, just like at the grocery store!

A simple pillow can provide any number of last-minute costumes.
Tuck it into the upper back of your shirt -- you're Quasimodo!
Or move it around to the front -- you're Arnold Schwarzenegger!
Now drop it lower -- you're Helen Hunt last season on
"Mad About You!" [pregnant]
Don't discard that pillow case -- put it over the top part of
your body and you're a Chicklet!

Get a long and shallow cardboard box.
Cut a rectangle in the front.
Climb inside it, then put a sign that reads "12:00" in front of
the rectangle. Yes, you're an unprogrammed VCR -- the kind that
60 percent of the public owns!

answered by Lenny | 10-31-2009 at 11:38 PM

Witches and Dracula are still favorites of kids at all ages. Using basic clothing items first, search closets, chests, and rag bags for anything black. A witch can wear an adult dress altered to fit, or a long sweatshirt with sleeves cut shorter and fabric gathered for a smaller neckline and at the waist.

Hats can be purchased or created from poster board, construction paper, covered with black fabric, or vinyl. You need a large circle with cut out for the head and a cone shape for the top. Depending on material used, you can hot glue it, staple it or sew it together.

An old broom with handles wrapped with black or orange streamers could be added. Place a cat cut-out or a stuffed one (a real cat might object to their role,) on broom or witch's shoulder. She could carry a pot for witch's brew or use that as her candy container for Trick or Treat.

Green eye shadow combined with foundation may be a good start for a scary face. Otherwise, every store costume display has make-up for sale. Older kids will get more dramatic with their makeup, adding a few warts, and possibly a crooked nose.

answered by Howard | 10-31-2009 at 11:39 PM

Here's a nice tutorial for a halloween last minute custome idea for girls:

answered by Melanie | 10-31-2009 at 11:40 PM

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