Carlos Bakery Prices?

Tomorrow is my husband's birthday and I'm throwing a big party at home. A lot of people is coming and I have everything ready except for the cake.
Mom said we should get a cake from Carlos Bakery.
How much would a specialty cake from Carlos Bakery with fondant cost? Needs to serve 30 people?

asked by Indiana in Foods | 20695 views | 10-26-2009 at 12:30 AM

Carlo's Bakery -- a sampling of prices

Crumb cake, $7.50

Italian cheesecake, $15.95

Pumpkin pie, slice, $1.95

Apple pie, 8 ins., $10.95

Cupcake, decorated, $2.50

Black & White cookie, $2.00

Brownies, $1.50

Chocolate cannoli, large, $3.00

Butter cookies, per lb., $11.95

Vanilla cake w/chocolate
fudge, 7 ins., $15.95

Chocolate mousse cake,
7 ins., $17.95

Strawberry shortcake/
chiffon, 7 ins., $14.95

Undecorated cake,
half sheet, $70.00

When Carlos Bakery's founder began working in the cake decorating department of his family’s bakery in Hoboken he was simply filling in where he was needed. Turns out he was good at it.

His unique fondant cake designs moved his bakery to the forefront of Manhattan’s upscale party scene, and he is featured regularly in national bridal magazines and decorating contests on the Food Network.

answered by Mina | 10-26-2009 at 12:33 AM

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