Rose Red True Story?

I watched the ABC mini-series "Rose Red" on KOMO 4 and I want to know if the movie is based on a true story. I believe I read there is a real castle near Tacoma, the real Rose Red, is this true?
There's a book called my life at Rose Red, the authors were Stephen King and Joyce Reardon.
Is the book's story the same as the movie?

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Although the house Rose Red is not real, Stephen King has created an entire “history” for the house. The story goes that the house once belonged to a Seattle millionaire and that his wife, Ellen Rimbauer, haunts the mansion after being told that she would live forever as long as construction on Rose Red was never completed.

If the story sounds somewhat familiar to ghost buffs, there’s a reason for that. In an interview with TV Guide, King admits that the story was inspired by the Winchester Mansion in San Jose, California. He first saw the story of the house in one of the “Ripley’s Believe it or Not” comics when he was a kid and remembered it for years after. “According to ’Believe it or Not’”, King recalled, “Oliver Winchester, who invented the famous repeating rifle that won the west, left a daughter-in-law with a belief in Spiritualism when he went to his reward. At one seance, Sarah Winchester asked the medium, ’When will I die?’ .... the medium replied, ’When your house is done’.”

As most readers know, the Winchester house was never really completed and construction continued on it around the clock until Sarah Winchester died. She continued to add rooms, hallways and entire wings, claiming to receive blueprints and ideas from the spirits on a nightly basis. (Click Here to see the entire story of the Winchester House) During the preparations to shoot Rose Red, King and a crew from the production company actually visited the Winchester House in hopes that they might be able to do the filming at that location. Unfortunately, they found that most of the rooms were too small to do any creative filming there.

After reading about the Winchester House, the story of a “never-ending mansion” stuck with King and he thought that it might make a good idea for a novel. He became intrigued by the idea of a house that was actually bigger on the inside that the outside. Originally, the idea became part of a screenplay that King started working on in conjunction with Steven Spielberg. They wanted to make the ultimate haunted house film or as they referred to it.. “the scariest haunted house movie ever made”. As Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House came up several times in the their conversations, King decided to expand upon his idea of the never-ending house and combine it with ideas from Jackson’s novel. In the book, a professor who is interested in the paranormal brings in a group of psychics to investigate a haunted house. (The book was filmed in 1963 with great results as The Haunting and then again with tragic results a few years ago by Steven Spielberg) King decided that his professor would be more than just an academic with an interest in ghosts and wrote his character of Joyce Reardon as a kind of “Captain Ahab”, searching for the ultimate psychic experience rather than a white whale.

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