Bosses Day 2009 Date?

Bosses day 2009 is coming up. What is the exact date?
I need some ideas on what to get our boss this year. Some info about him: he is a drinker, he loves football and likes going out to eat.
My boss is a really cool guy, originally from Chicago now has horses at his home, but overall a basic guy. The people in our office like to leave it up to me to get the gifts but I have no idea what to get him for bosses day.

Any ideas would be very appreciated! Thanks

asked by Camila in Holidays | 2819 views | 10-14-2009 at 07:58 PM

Date: National Boss Day is always Oct. 16. In 2009, National Boss Day falls on a Friday.

It's a tough job to find a good gift for your boss.

I would suggest a very nice watch.

Everybody loves a nice watch. Additionally to that, your boss will think of you every time he looks at it. It will remind him to go and check if you guys are working hard enough.

Other than that, how about a box of Godiva Chocolates?
Tickets to a good play?
A Bottle of wine?
A Gift card?

answered by Miri | 10-14-2009 at 08:00 PM

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