Aurora Borealis October 2011 Video?

People across the country reported seeing strange lights in the sky last night. It was then reported that they were part of a phenomenon called Aurora Borealis that took place unexpectedly in October 2011.
Meteorologist said the Aurora Borealis, a phenomenon that has a lot to do with the earth's magnetic field, made a rare appearance.
I tried to search for the youtube video of the Aurora Borealis (which are also called Northern Lights) and I didn't find anything.
From Alabama to New York to Maryland, people across the U.S. reported seeing rare all-red auroras.
If someone caught the Aurora Borealis on video, can you please post the link?

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There are many videos of the Aurora Borealis that were uploaded to youtube, I posted one below.
The Aurora Borealis is caused by geomagnetic storms which originate from coronal mass ejections, or blasts of solar wind.
The northern lights were seen farther south than usual, including places like Kentucky and New Mexico.
They were actually photographed in more than half of the nation's states.
Apart from generating beautiful auroral displays strong geomagnetic storms can have a sinister side, they can damage satellites and overload entire power grids.
Here's the video of the Aurora Borealis taken in October 2011.

answered by Hudson | 10-25-2011 at 09:37 PM

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