Groundhog Day Activities for Kids?

Today is Groundhog Day, the day the little rodent predicts the weather.

If Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow, legend has it, there's more winter in store. If he doesn't see his shadow, we'll have an early spring.

The Groundhog Day celebration is rooted in a German superstition that says if a hibernating animal casts a shadow on February 2, the holiday of Candlemas, winter will last another six weeks.

I'm looking for Groundhog Day activities for kids, does anyone know where can I find them?

asked by Zoe in Holidays | 2469 views | 02-02-2011 at 05:48 PM

This time the groundhog did not see his shadow, thus predicting an early spring. This is only the 15th time that Phil has not seen his shadow since 1887.

Here's a good source for all kind of Groundhog Day activities for kids like making a groundhog pencil topper craft and other interesting stuff to celebrate the day.

My kids became quite interested in the groundhog, especially when they saw him on TV.

answered by Cooper | 02-02-2011 at 05:49 PM

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