Mariner Energy Rig Explosion Photos?

An oil and gas platform operated by Mariner Energy exploded and burst into flames in the Gulf of Mexico, and they still haven't confirmed if the explosion could be another oil spill disaster.
Authorities say they cannot be certain if oil is leaking from the site or not. In a CNBC interview, Mariner Energy director of investor relations Patrick Cassidy said early indications are that no oil is spilling. Cassidy said the fire happened away from the oil-producing well.
Federal records show Mariner and related entities have had dozens of minor leaks and 10 accidents in the Gulf of Mexico over the last decade. The accidents include platform fires, pollution spills and a blowout.

What caused the Mariner Energy oil rig explosion this time?

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The cause of the explosion is not yet known, but the 13 workers who were photographed floating in the ocean waiting to be rescued have been accounted for. They were airlifted to Terrebone General Medical Center in Houma, La.
The platform does not have a standard blow-out preventer, a safety mechanism used to seal gas and oil wells, according to the Coast Guard.
The U.S. Coast Guard now says there are no immediate signs of an oil spill at the site of the Mariner Energy rig explosion earlier today. The Coast Guard had previously said that there was a mile-long “oil sheen” from the site of the fire, but they’re now saying that boats at the platform have not seen any oil sheen.

Mariner officials said there were seven active production wells on the platform, and they were shut down shortly before the fire broke out.

Here's one of the photos that were taken of the Mariner Energy Rig explosion.

Mariner Energy Rig Explosion

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