Google Caffeine and “SEO”?

I have noticed some of my blog search results change on Google Caffeine. I think they definitely made some changes to the algorithm and SEO in general has been affected.
Do a search for the term "SEO" and you'll notice that on Caffeine you get dumb pages like Technorati's tag page for SEO. Right now on Google that page doesn't show up on the first page results. I don't know what they changed but it is wrong and they need to fix it. What do you think?

asked by Mario in Internet | 2132 views | 08-11-2009 at 06:42 PM

I have noticed the same thing. But don't worry, right now it is just a beta test of some updates they’re making, and they say they want some feedback so they can make some changes.
My first take is that the differences between this and the live results isn’t actually that marked - but maybe blended results are getting a little less prominence. Certainly some news and image results are appearing further down the page in Caffeine than in the regular, “decaffeinated” results.

answered by Jaime | 08-11-2009 at 06:44 PM

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