Steven Tyler falls off stage VIDEO?

I just found out Steven Tyler fell off the stage in one of his concerts. I'm sure there were cameras filming the concert and fans filming too. Where can I see the video? I searched and couldn't find a thing.

asked by Juni in Music | 3187 views | 08-06-2009 at 06:05 PM

Steven Tyler was taken to the hospital Wednesday night after falling from the stage during a concert in South Dakota.

The rocker fell off the stage in Sturgis, South Dakota while his band was playing the song "Love in an Elevator," he fell while dancing around in an attempt to entertain the crowd after the sound system stopped working during the song.
Tyler was on the stage's catwalk when he fell, and security rushed to help him. The crowd cheered for the singer when he got back up.

Later, Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry informed the audience that Tyler was being taken to an area hospital.

I couldn't find a video either but I'm sure someone has the footage and will upload it soon.
I hope he's doing fine.

answered by Darryl | 08-06-2009 at 06:14 PM

I don't know if there's a video of Steven Tyler falling off.
Poor guy, he fell backwards off the stage during the band's show in Rapid City, South Dakota, and was then airlifted to a hospital for treatment.

After the sound system failed during the song "Love in an Elevator," Steven Tyler started to dance to entertain the crowd and then he fell.

If a video is uploaded to some website, then it will become very popular fast.

answered by Josephine | 08-06-2009 at 06:18 PM

Is this the video you're searching for?

answered by Guest | 08-06-2009 at 06:34 PM

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