HTC Thunderbolt: Specs, Release Date & Price?

The HTC Thunderbolt is the first LTE phone to land on Verizon. Photos of the new phone have been leaked today.

I was surprised when I saw the pictures of the HTC Thunderbolt, it looks like the Desire HD but has Verizon branding and will be 4G capable which means itíll be amazing.

Rumors say it's going to be better than the iPhone 4 in terms of specs and price.

What is the release date, price and specs of the HTC Thunderbolt? Is HTC going to introduce the new phone at CES 2011?

asked by Richard in Mobile Phones | 8113 views | 12-29-2010 at 03:06 PM

The official specs, release date and price have not been revealed yet, it's all speculation.

The HTC Thunderbolt offers a slimmer, more streamlined design and features Google and Verizon branding. We should see the official unveiling of the HTC Thunderbolt next week at CES.

The HTC Thunderbolt looks like a slimmed down HTC EVO 4G, which makes sense as HTC tends to reuse form factors that work several times.

A strip-like speaker lies vertically at the back panel of the HTC Thunderbolt covered by another flip-out metal cover. When pulled out the same metal cover can be used as a stand for the phone.

Previously known by other code names (Mecha and Droid Incredible HD), the HTC Thunderbolt will be the third 4G "first" from the manufacturer.

answered by Katelyn | 12-29-2010 at 03:09 PM

The iphone is available for pre-order to vz customers on 2-3-11 and than being released to everyone on 2-10-11. That said along with vz new 14 day return policy the Thunderbolt could not be pre-ordered until 3-3-11 at the very earliest (because that would be just long enough to not be able to return the iphone if you got it within 6 days of it coming out) and available to everyone on 3-10-11 even though there was a lot of rumors that it was going to be released on the same day as the iphone. Apple never mind vz would never allow that to happen. I believe and this is just my speculation that vz would allow more time to sell the iphone and we are probably looking at a release date in late march probably something like pre-orders on 3-17-11 for vz customers and 3-24-11 for everyone even with the training going on now I believe that is due to the iphone being released and they dont want to take away from iphone sales by having training during this time.

answered by Guest | 01-20-2011 at 06:04 AM

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