Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum Pronunciation?

si vis pacem para bellum <-- how am I supposed to pronounce the phrase, should I just pronounce it just as it is ? Is there an audio sample I can hear so I get the pronunciation right?

asked by Edgardo in Languages | 5089 views | 09-15-2009 at 06:52 PM

Phrase: si vis pa·cem, pa·ra bel·lum
Pronunciation: \sē-ˈwēs-ˈpä-ˌkem ˈpä-rä-ˈbe-ˌlu̇m\
Function: foreign term
Etymology: Latin

It means: if you wish peace, prepare for war.

You can hear an audio sample here:,%20para%20bellum

answered by Adrain | 09-15-2009 at 06:53 PM

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