University Of Florida Zombie Plan?

It feels like itís been a year since last October, and I for one am damn happy itís back.
The University of Florida has posted a six page zombie attack plan/infected dispatch form on its disaster info page. This is the kind of major community involvement our country needs to avert the coming plague. Even if it is touted as a farce, as in this instance, the information is still relevant and available to a deprived public in a crisis.
Where can I find more about it?

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From Gainesville:

The University of Florida's latest plan of attack concerns the off chance its employees become flesh-eating zombies.

A plan to deal with a campus zombie attack was posted among disaster preparation exercises on the university's e-Learning Web site before being removed late Thursday afternoon.

The plan included medical information on "zombieism" and a form allowing UF employees to explain why they killed infected co-workers, such as those workers making "references to wanting to eat brains."

"Obviously it was meant to be humorous," Doug Johnson, manager of UF's e-Learning Support Services and author of the plan, said Thursday before it was removed.

He said the plan was meant to reduce stress in the office as well as inspire thinking about how to handle a campus closure. With swine flu raising the possibility of such a scenario, he said, the office is making plans including holding a test run by operating its e-Learning services from off campus.

After word of the zombie plan broke Thursday morning, it received national media attention before it was ordered pulled later in the day. No disciplinary action will be taken against Johnson because he wrote the plan on his own time, UF spokesman Steve Orlando said.

Johnson said he has insomnia and that the idea for the plan came to him as he lay awake around 1 a.m. He said he wrote until about 4 a.m., mining Wikipedia for zombie information and using knowledge culled from his own reading of the novel "World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War" and previous viewing of movies such as the zombie comedy "Shaun of the Dead."

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