Northern Lights: Aurora Borealis USA Pictures?

On Monday night, many people across the USA could see the amazing Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis.
I missed it because I didn't know we could see Northern Lights from where I live, are there any good pictures of the Aurora Borealis?
The aurora, a natural light display, is caused by a collision of charged particles with atoms in the northern atmosphere. The light show is usually seen much farther north, like in the state of Alaska.
Fishermen, gold miners, and others who live close to the Artic Circle see the Aurora Borealis regularly, but a sighting this far south is extremely rare.
Please post pictures taken in the USA of the Northern Lights so I can see how it looked like from our country.

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The Northern Lights display was caused by a coronal mass ejection that took place Monday afternoon in America.
NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center said it wasn’t a particularly strong solar storm, but was timed just right for a good showing of Aurora Borealis in the USA. I posted some of the pictures below.
A powerful explosion on the sun sent a stream of charged particles slamming into the Earth's magnetic field, producing a spectacular show of Northern Lights.
It is well known that the sun is building in activity toward solar maximum, the peak is predicted to occur by 2013. So we might see many Aurora Borealis spectacles in the USA again.
Here are two of the pictures of the Northern Lights.

Northern Lights Aurora Borealis USA

Northern Lights Aurora America

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