April Fools Day Pranks & Jokes For Work, The Office?

Do you know any good April fool pranks and jokes for work?
My partner got me good style last April fools day at work and now its my turn for revenge.

Does anyone know any good pranks i can play on him in the office? People at work is going to be prepared so it has to be unexpected.

I need some good and funny April Fools pranks I could try at work.

i want to be able to film the prank in the office and watch it over and over, it needs to be that funny...
Make sure the pranks are clean and not to messy (i do not want to clean up after wards.)

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April Fools Day is only one day away!

Some ideas for good April Fools Day Jokes for work and the office.

Find a place that sells the little firecrackers that you throw at the ground and pop. Buy a box and pull two of them out. when your at your friends house take your firecrackers and stick them under the knobs on the underside of the toilet seat. When your friends go to sit down the firecrackers will pop. Loads of fun, no mess.

Plastic wrap over the toilet is classic. Also, I would hold the kitchen sink nozzle down with a rubber band so that it sprays water over your victim. Blue food coloring in milk has been a favorite of mine for a bit. Other standbys include, but are not limited to; quarter glued to ground, post-it over mouse ball, tape on telephone receiver. For your message on your home phone you could record "Hello? Hello...hello?!? Is there anybody there?...APRIL FOOL'S!"

For a great April Fool's joke, if you have little holders for your salt and pepper, switch the salt with sugar and then watch your family's and friend's faces when they try their food! Just make sure they have something they eat salt with.

Superglue a pen cap to the pen and ask people if they can get it off for you.

Find a scrap of cloth. Place a dollar on the floor and stay nearby. When the victim comes by and bends down to pick up the dollar, rip the cloth loudly. Most people will reach back to see if they ripped their pants. One of the original classic April Fool's pranks of all time!

More ideas for April Fools Day Jokes and Pranks 2010 at work and the office:

* Swap the signs for the menís and women's toilets at work Ė then stand back and admire your excellent toilet humor.
* Shake some talcum powder into your mom hair dryer.
* Send them some jokes or pranks using SMS.
* Make a fake cake or solid cookies.
* Discuss with your friends and made some story that can make him/her cry or afraid then surprise them with a happy ending.

The origins of April Fools' Day are murky, but the likeliest explanation is that it began as a way to mock French people who were slow to switch to the Gregorian Calendar which changed New Year's from April 1 to January 1. These folks were labeled "fools" and some were sent on "fools' errands."

answered by Samuel | 03-31-2010 at 10:51 PM

Wrap his whole work area - and I mean EVERYTHING down to the stapler and pens, up to and including file cabinets, cupboard doors, the plastic mat under his chair, his office door etc. in aluminum foil. If he has no actual door, use plastic wrap (Saran Wrap) and span the walkway - make sure to get it nice and tight so it becomes virtually invisible. another spin off of this one is to use post-its instead of the foil.

Swap his desk phone line with a co-workers; remove files from the filing cabinet and fill with balloons - or take it to the next level and line each filing cabinet drawer with garbage bags and fill with shaving creme, packing peanuts, etc. move his office into the bathroom/workroom/or on to the roof if possible. One year, a co-worker and I removed our target's office furniture and replaced it all with cardboard boxes - we made everything out of a box - including her computer monitor! Rather than make her chair from boxes, we brought in a 15' ladder to substitute for her chair.

Have an unknown accomplice pose as a cop/detective and arrest him, and don't forget to pat him down, give a field sobriety test, and have the accomplice take him, in his vehicle and drop him off down the street, or any pre-determined location.

Good luck, and may the Secret Squirrel have your back!

answered by Guest | 03-30-2011 at 08:11 AM

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