GSP vs Dan Hardy Full Fight Video?

Georges St-PIerre, the Canadian, and Dan Hardy, the Englishman, met in the center of the Octagon after UFC 111 and embraced.
In the main even and the fight for the UFC Welterweight championship belt, Georges St. Pierre beat Dan Hardy in an unanimous win. All 3 judges scored on the high end for Georges.

I think we can definitely say it was an interesting fight between Hardy and St-Pierre, with it lasting a total of five rounds.

After the match St. Pierre said that he is not happy with his performance and Hardy was tougher than he expected.

I'm looking for the UFC 111 GSP vs Dan Hardy full fight video and as always youtube doesn't have it, just short videos of the fight.

Where can I watch or download the full fight video of GSP vs Dan Hardy?

asked by Charles in Box | 11298 views | 03-28-2010 at 02:21 PM

Georges St-Pierre, the Canadian, and Dan Hardy, the Englishman, met in the center of the Octagon after UFC 111 and embraced.

I have found the full fight video of GSP vs Dan Hardy and embedded it below.

The night was such a success that 3 fighters went home with $65,000 bonuses that were rewarded after the evening's fights were all finished. Georges said that he had a tough time with Dan Hardy, but from watching on TV it didn't look like he had much of problem at all. Sounds like he was being polite to Dan Hardy.

Hardy was not a match for Georges St-Pierre. I think that the day was simply not for Hardy. He shouldnt have given his nod for this fight.

There is so much difference in the class of the two fighter that it seems that the UFC didnt give much of a thought before making Hardy fight Georges St-Pierre who is a far more accomplished fighter than Hardy.

Its a win, but Im not really happy with myself, St-Pierre said in an article on I made a lot of stupid mistakes.

St-Pierre, who now has 20 wins and 2 losses, also revealed that he underestimated his opponent.

I wanted to avoid the fight where my opponent was strongest, and fight where he was at his weakest, but hes a lot better than I thought he was.

St-Pierre's last defeat was with Matt Serra in 2007, when he was troubled by lack of focus due to personal problems. He avenged the loss a year later and has never lost a fight since.

Still, he is not taking any chances.

The full fight video of GSP vs Dan Hardy.

answered by Cole | 03-28-2010 at 02:30 PM

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